Sourcing Service – the management skills and flexibility you need to hunt for better pricing.

Running our own factory since 1989, Top Card is a “born and raised” manufacturer in nature and we take this very mindset when we source for you. In other words, we guard your costs and quality just as we guard our own. In 1999, Top Card took the first step and has been working closely with suppliers in China since then. Our roots and origin in Taiwan has given us strong advantage to build strong and unbreakable connection in China sourcing.

Profound connections

Baring the same culture background and languages, this cannot be denied to be an advantage. Mostly very likely, if we are inquiring the exact same item as foreign buyers, believe it or not we will receive a lower pricing. Not only just for the background, we have a network of suppliers which we’ve been working with for more than a decade that we can highly rely on.

Managing skills

To hunt for the really cost-competitive pricing, you need to go deep into more inland China. We are the best partner to help fulfilling that gap between inland supplier and sea coast suppliers say in Guangdong. In other words, we can find you the inland pricing and serve as your agent to boost the QC management for the same product quality as seacoast supplier.

Clients trust us for sourcing

We actually offer sourcing service to clients that we’ve working with for a long term. First business is usually about luggage tags, and after building up solid trust in our product management and sales service, clients start this question: “Could you also source or make this product?” Most importantly, we do not buy products out of our specialized knowledge either. We have developed our network of sourcing based on clients’ requests. Our clients help us to become specialized and professional.

    Here are our specialized product range:
  • Paper Printing: board game, puzzle, leaflet, booklet, stickers, sticky notes, packaging box…etc.
  • Plastic & Micro injection – soft PVC luggage tag, name badges, and key rings.
  • Other Items: travel bottle set, mirror, bubble envelope, silicone item, fridge magnet, trolley…etc.