Other Items

Other Items

Various sourcing items

We actually offer sourcing service to clients that we've working with for a long term. First business is usually about luggage tags, and after building up solid trust in our product management and sales service, clients start this question: "Could you also source or make this product?" So most importantly, we do not buy products out of our specialized knowledge either. We have developed our network of sourcing based on clients' requests. Our clients help us to become specialized and professional.

Our strength is that we have our printing knowledge and sourcing network. You can see that even with the wide range of products we have sourced, they are all about printing. The factories we worked with all located in the same area, in other words - we have the geographic advantages for managing and consolidate resources.

    Our product strengths include:
  • Travel Trolley
  • Non-woven tote
  • Travel bottle set
  • Silicone wrist band & watch
  • Metal and plastic compact mirror
  • Fridge magnet
  • Bubble envelopes

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