Production Structure

A production process that guarantees the best product made.

At each stage of production, we evaluate what's the best solution to create the right product just as client expected. From printing method, cutting mold choices, and high frequency machinery fine-tuning, Top Card has the best professional techniques to manufacture.

Printing Machine

Luggage tag is all about carrying your logo and brand, so making the printing just right is our top mission to accomplish. 3 main printing methods are our main solution for most of our client:
  • Screen Printing: Used to match specific PMS color required on artworks. A printing film is required for each PMS Pantone number. The printing order of each color is professionally arranged to avoid color overlapping and create best printing result.
  • Offset Printing: Used for full-color printing and picturistic photograph printing. Printed by Heidelberg.
  • Digital Printing: Run by high end industrial digital printer by HP. Perfect for customized artworks at small quantity. Capable of customize each card with different names, serial numbers, and any revision required.

** Product Application: Luggage Tags, ID Holders, PVC Leather, PU Leather Items.

High Frequency Machine

Top Card has over 20 years of experience in operating and improving high frequency machineries. This technique has been a main focus for Top Card as we have developed a variety of products based on it. Our machineries has developed with specific advancements that put Top Card as the number one supplier in Taiwan and most of times create more cost-competitive products than China. Specifically for below products:
  • From 1995 ~ 2005: CD disc holder sheets. PP non-woven and PVC clear pocket is molded together. Before the cloud storage era came, the disc holder is one of the top items for electronic industries and Top Card is the number supplier in Taiwan.
  • From 2006 ~ Nowadays: Luggage Tags, item# TC-601. Very specific high frequency machineries are developed to make the standard "insert card style" luggage tags very unique. Top Card's tag is unique as in first, the quality and molded finish is much above market standard. Second, it is unique that even China suppliers' cannot beat us on pricing.
  • From 2008 ~ Nowadays: Faux & Genuine leather card holders. Special mold is calculated and crafted to make molding edges of PVC clear pocket and leather layer as prefer and firm it can be.

Lamination Machine

Running lamination machine also for over 20 years, Top Card are most professional to control the perfect lamination finish. Based on the PVC thickness in different requirement, we are able to precisely monitor the lamination temperature and the length of time to create the very smooth and flawless surface of luggage tags.

Cutting Machine

Based on client's artwork design, custom shapes, and quality standard, we will recommend the best cutting mold for you.
  • Oil-punch Mold is the very high end mold that creates seamless and smooth edges of luggage tags. For artworks and designs that require precise square and right angles, oil punch mold is highly recommended.
  • Knife Cut Mold is as it literally means, a knife blade is curved and shaped exactly based on the outline of the artwork. For more complex edges and outlines of artworks, this can only be achieved via knife-cut mold.

Plastic Injection Machine