QC Management

A quality control structure and management standard running since 1989.

We are to be precise on making the right product for you. And we achieve the standard via our top-notch management skills and step-by-step production procedure. Each at production is to ensure Top Card provides clients the best product and service we can.

Production Flow

  1. Official order content confirmed from sales department. Managers approve and issue "production agenda" to set up time table, material purchasing, and quality checklist case by case. Operation supervisor is in charge of every step of production process and make sure all is carefully monitored.
  2. Internal quality control procedure and Safety Regulation is well studied and strictly followed by each production line and assembly line staff. All to make sure we achieve high production quality and operation safety.
  3. Production manager create quarterly forecast for advanced production batch to ensure best delivery time for all clients. Material purchasing department will follow this schedule to buy stock material so we are always able to handle urgent and sudden orders.

Production Efficiency - Machinery Maintenance and Staff

  1. Equipment, machineries, and material quality are periodically checked and maintained to delivery best production efficiency. Production technicians follow maintenance agenda to not only keep standard quality but also constantly seek for machinery improvements with new improved material and parts.
  2. Legal, ethical, and safety regulations are enjoyed by each on-site operation, production line, and packing staff. We ensure every employee is best taking care with benefits and health care by public regulations and company rewards.

Warehouse Management

  1. The raw materials and semi-finished products are categorized in order and stored in designated area in the warehouse. Each is marked with material part numbers, specifications, order numbers, and purchasing date to keep track on every items. All can be located and pull out to use in production once required.
  2. Warehouse managers run through weekly, quarterly, and annual inspection plans to check inventory accuracy item by item. When factory managers need to withdraw materials from warehouse, they need to sign off quantity check and double confirm by warehouse managers.

Security Assessment for International Trade

  1. Conducting Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) inspection, achieving supply chain security.