About Us

About Us

We always pursue to be "the best trust worthy luggage tag supplier."

Top Card Enterprise Co., Ltd.

At Hong Kong Trade shows, you may only find Top Card as the sole supplier that presents its booth full of all luggage tags and badge holders.

With this goal and drive, we achieve each order with highest standard of quality control and production management. We are the sole and number one supplier in Taiwan for luggage tags and proudly to say, hardly any supplier in China can match our quality with the competitive price we offer.

Client Base

We have more than 100 clients worldwide, of which 40% focus on North America, 35% for Europe market, 20% for Australia client base. Our clients include major promotional premium companies, some largest retail stores of travel accessories, and souvenir stores of major brands of the region. Out of our top 10 clients, 8 clients were originally buying from China but after discovered Top Card, all transferred orders to us - some even at more competitive pricing. And the quality is just 10 notch better.

Core Value

The core value of Top Card is to put clients' requests front and center by achieving maximum quality control. We are the very "traditionally" diligent factories that do things step by step and with honesty. It's our secret to build so many long-term relationships with clients. We maximize our supplier value with top-notch management skills and quality control system to ensure just the right products.

Our Vision

Top Card to pop out first and solely if possible, when one thinks of the best luggage tag supplier. We want you to count on Top Card, when you plan to source and develop different items. Top Card's more than 2 decades of know-how as a manufacturer will best guard your request for pricing and worry-free production process. All you need to do is wait for the goods to be shipped and received with satisfaction.


Top Card was founded by Jackson Lee and Grace Wang as a young married couple in the household backyard of 1989. Before starting his own company, Jackson worked as chief director of material purchasing for 2 of top companies in Taiwan for travel and sporting goods. Luggage tag is one of the many items. This is a very important phase for Jackson to gain profound knowledge and experience in factories manufacturing. He had to visit factories in Taiwan and China that specialize in plastic micro injection, metal products, and electronic products. Jackson had the opportunities to understand every production stage and material specialties.

  • 1989 - when Top Card first founded
    At age of 35, Jackson opens Top Card. To kick off a start is easy, but it was a very struggling process to grow. Most people looked down on Jackson to start with seemingly so insignificant product - luggage tags. With zero capital and experience in mechanicals, Jackson devoted day and night in learning and development.
    In the beginning, it was "supplying to trading companies." But Jackson believes the true value come from being able to export as a manufacturer. And he studied English. Jackson worked very hard to finally develop advanced machineries that bring maximum production efficiency to make Top Card competitive, even manufacturing in Taiwan.
  • 1995 ~ 2005
    At this moment, Top Card has developed well-trained skills on high-frequency machine and ultra-sonic machines for making CD disc holders - molding PP non-woven and PVC clear pocket. This is a time before the cloud storage so the market demand for such item just beyond supplies.
  • 2006 ~ Nowadays
    Top Card has taken many turns and goes through countless ups and downs. We have been manufacturing and buying a variety of products. Such as padding equipment, LED lights, and CD wallets before the cloud computing era. Luggage tags has been the signature product of Top Card, and has sustained continuous growth since then.

Streamline Product Sourcing in China

Running our own factory for more than 2 decades, we carry this manufacturer's mindset and management skills when it comes to out-sourcing. We've made investments in factories in Wenzhou China in 2005 and since then have been working with local factories and built our own connections for more than a decade. To sum up, we have the "Taiwan standard" of QC and management skills to make products the most cost-effective with China production.